Sink Into Your Eyes - Bz Akira Santjago

autoproduzione audio/3d/video by bz akira santjago,
music : basso elettrico + FL9
video : VSE Blender
3d animations : Blender

Ingredienti :

"Trying to read newspaper in peace" by Billy Allison.
"Metropia" by Tarik Saleh

Whatever it is that's watching It's not human It doesn't ever blink. What does a scanner see? Into the head? Down into the heart? Does it see into me? Into us? clearly or darkly? I hope it sees clearly cause I can no longer see into myself. I see only murk. I hope for everyone's sake the scanners do better. Cause if the scanners sees only darkly like I do, then I'm cursed, and cursed again. I will only wind up dead this way, knowing very little, and getting that little fragment wrong too

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